What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday till Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM CET. If you open a ticket during that time you are likely to get a fast response. We do however, answer tickets and solve issues outside of that window as well but please remember it’s on a best effort basis.

It will almost never happen but in theory if you open a ticket Friday 17:01 it could be possible you get a response by Monday 09:01 🙂

What payment methods do you provide?

Currently we provide Credit Card (Stripe), Bancontact, iDEAL, SOFORT, Giropay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Paypal and Przelewy24. We are constantly looking to add new payment methods.

Can I use torrent and/or usenet? Install Plex, Radarr etc?

You can but if you must please use private sites only and only for personal use. If you install Plex, Radarr or other software make sure to install the software and metadata on the SSD drive. Don’t use the SATA storage for that as it’s not so good with a lot of small files.

Can I test your service before purchasing?

You can but we don’t provide services without payment verification. So if you want to test our service just purchase it. When you’re done testing and our service is not to your liking open a ticket and ask for a refund. You will be able to do so within 30 days no questions asked. We will process any refund within 48 hours but usually it will be a lot faster.

Can I have a discount or coupon code?

If you are looking for a discount, check out websites like LowEndTalk, HostedTalk and/or LowEndSpirit. Once in a while we post discounts there but never on this website.

Can I upgrade my existing service to a larger plan? Or downgrade to a smaller one?

Yes, from within your client area you can always upgrade your service to a larger. Downgrading is unsupported. This is because disks cannot be downsized without data loss.

Is the base operating system included with the advertised disk space?

Yes it is. Whatever the OS consumes cannot be used for anything else. So let’s say you buy the 20 GB plan and you install Debian which is 2 GB, you end up with 18 GB free space left.

Do you offer any hosting control panels like Plesk, CPanel etc.?

No. But feel free to install one. We won’t offer any support on it though.

Can I upload my own ISO files and install my server manually?

You sure can. We already provide most popular ISOs of Linux and BSD which you can mount and use.

If you need an ISO we don’t provide yet please open a ticket and we’ll add it to the repository.

Can I install Windows?

We only provide fully functional evaluation versions of Microsoft Windows. We only have Windows Server 2019 available for now but if you need something else drop us a ticket and we’ll add it. Again: Evals only, we don’t provide licensing.

Will you backup my VPS?

No, our storage is triple replicated but that’s still no guarantee that nothing will happen to your data. You are responsible for it. Please backup your data if it matters to you! We can’t be held responsible for any loss of data.

Can I run a VPN service on my server?

You can run a private VPN on your instance for yourself and/or your family and friends. We don’t allow public VPNs that anyone can use anonymously.

Is there a limit on how many times I can re-install my VPS?

No there is no limit. You can re-install your VPS anytime you want and you can switch to another Operating System as much as you want.

Can I set reverse DNS?

You can set reverse DNS through the DNS Manager in the serivce control panel.