No public porn, No outgoing DDoS, no illegal hosting, no phishing, no scanning/hacking, no malware, no stress testing, no public vpns, no open mail relay, no unsecured public dns servers, no tor, no open proxies, no crypto mining.

Long version:

We have no limitations in what you can run on your server as long as it doesn’t have any criminal intend like phishing, malware, ddos services etc. or services that can be easily abused like unsecured public dns servers, open e-mail relays, open proxy servers, public VPNs, tor nodes etc.

We feel that anyone who wants to host their own server or service should have common sense about what’s ok and what’s not. We’re not going to babysit our customers. However, you are responsible for what you are running and we reserve the right to (temporary) suspend your service in the event of suspicious activities.

Unless stated otherwise, CPU is based on fair share usage. We don’t provide dedicated CPU resources which is impossible at some of the product’s price ranges. This means we allow random CPU spikes but we don’t allow applications that cause constant 24/7 CPU load. This doesn’t have to be 100% this counts for a constant 40% load as well.

If you are overusing the CPU we will warn you first to lower your usage, after that we will throttle your CPU down. Feel free to open a ticket if the issue was resolved and we’ll throttle it back up.

Torrenting is allowed but we are not a seedbox service. This means torrenting is allowed only for personal use using private torrent sites only. If you want to built your own movie and tv show collection for yourself to watch and you need to share something 1 or 2 times to maintain ratio that’s perfectly fine.

If you start downloading everything with autodl-irssi with the sole purpose of maximizing your ratio it’s not. We don’t want our service to be used to facilitate the mass distribution of pirated material.

Please take notice: For this reason the usage of autodl-irssi or similar tools for mass down- and uploading is against our terms of service.

Using our services for cryptomining is not allowed and will lead to a warning first and termination next of your service.

Bandwidth is unmetered but not unlimited.

If you burst to 1 gbps or more now and then it’s no problem at all but if you are using a constant stream of e.g. 3-400 mbit 24×7 this is not considered fair use. We will warn you first then throttle you back and cap your bandwidth for a certain period of time.

Whenever malware is found on your VPS or you are abusing your server (we don’t have access to your server but usually we’ll get an external report) we’ll immediately suspend your server and close your account.

There is no debate possible whether malicious usage of your server is your fault or not. If you think letmein is a strong root password and your server gets hacked it means you lack the knowledge and responsibility to host internet services. If you do have abusive intensions you are violating our terms anyway so either way you are out.

There is absolutely zero room for discussion when our services get abused. In the event of intended fraud we will also report you to fraudlabs and any malware found will be sent to the respective authorities for further investigation. 

We do not make jokes about this! Malware and DDoS attacks are big problems today and we don’t want our servers to have any part in it!

DDoS protection comes free with all servers. However, it’s not allowed to do any form of bypass penetration testing or using stressers to test the protection of our services. Doing so will result in immediate termination of your service and a lifetime ban of your account. We will also report you to anti-fraud services which makes it really hard for you to get hosting anywhere else. Do not attack your own server!

You are responsible to take regular backups of your own data. We do offer a backup option as an extra service to our clients (see FAQ for more info) but that service is provided ‘as is’. We don’t check the integrity of these backups and they might not work in the event of a required restore.

Make sure to backup your files on a regular basis!
We can’t be held responsible for any loss of data.

Our servers are unmanaged which means the only thing we do is keep them up and running. This means we only provide basic support to achieve that goal. If your server is unreachable and you’re stuck and don’t have access please open a ticket. If you want to know how to install MySQL or setup a GRE tunnel then please don’t.

You can always try and most of the times we will even help you out but such support is provided on a best effort basis. Please don’t feel offended if we are busy with something else and can’t help you out.

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee which means we will give you a full refund if you ask us to within the first 30 days after your order, no questions asked. We only provide refunds after that period in special situations i.e. when we screwed up 🙂

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who’s making abuse of the money back guarantee offer.

Please don’t ask for demo or trial accounts. If you want to test our servers just order one and if it’s not ok ask for a refund and we will provide it within 48 hours.