Good question! Why choose us, a very young company that still has to proof itself over many other service providers out there, some that exist for 10 years or longer? Well the answer is not very simple and definitely can’t be explained with a few lines of text but we do have several good reasons why you should go with us and not with the ‘established’ companies.

Reason 1: We have great reviews!

Reason 2: We have our principles.

If we doubt your intension we don’t want your money. It’s that simple. Our rules are there for everyone and if you don’t like them then please don’t order. No matter how much you’re paying your money doesn’t buy you any more privileges than any other customer.

Reason 3: We have a lot of experience.

The fact that we have our principles doesn’t mean we lack experience. Like I said we’re no different than our customers. We’ve been downloading, hacking, gaming and scanning back in the days. We ran IRC bots, game servers and in fact we still do the latter! We’re just computer fanatics that grew up and turned this into a profession. We take all those years of experience with us and we’re ready to share it with you.

Reason 4: We’re no deadpool host.

We have no secrets. Our whois is public, our name, address, phone, company info and everything else you need to know is easy to find.

Reason 5: We’re not cowboys.

We only sell high quality products. We believe that anything we sell should be able to be used in any enterprise environment as well. That’s our main goal. We know there’s a lot of cowboys out there selling faulty products with weak or no redundancy at all to save on operational costs, with constant downtime, bad performance and/or data loss as a result. We don’t. We sell quality or we don’t sell anything at all. We will always maintain a certain standard even on our lower end products.

And yes your server will go down sometimes and will be unreachable at moments. And yes we will screw up one day but at the end we will always make it right which is what matters most.